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How does the design process work?
The Full Design Service:
>      Initial consultation to view site and go over your brief.
>      Presentation of the concept plan for discussion
>      Finalising of the design plan with details of materials and construction.
>     Planting scheme prepared for the design.
From here you can take the design through to implementation yourself or avail of one or both of the services below
>      Preparation of specification and tender documents to obtain
        competitive quotes for the work.
>      Visits during the building of the garden to supervise the work and
        liaise between you and the contractor.
If you are using a designer as part of the Design Team on a new house build they will be attending site meetings, design team meetings and liaising with the builders where building matters will impact on the garden.
>      A visit of up to four hours to give you ideas and notes for changes to
        design and adjustments to existing planting as well as additional
>      This service can be adequate for a very small garden that just
        requires a quick and simple design
>      If you are planning renovations to an old house or an extension this
        service could be of use in the initial stages of planning to help you
        avoid any pitfalls.  You may then decide to go to a full design or the
        consultation will have been adequate for your needs.

What will it cost?

Fee proposals are based on an estimate of the time that will be involved for the various stages multiplied by an hourly rate.
There will be an additional element of travel time as well.

The figures below are a guide line based on an average suburban garden:

Concept/initial design plan   €500 - €800
Working drawings         €600 - €700
Planting schemes and plant schedule   €450 - €660

Preparation of specifications
for competitive tendering    €250 - €300
Site supervision will depend on distance and would be quoted on an individual basis.
It can be set at a rate per visit for an agreed number of visits.

Where large projects are concerned you should expect to pay a percentage of the cost of the garden as the design and supervision fee, rate by agreement.

I am always happy to discuss individual requirements and fee proposals.

Do I charge a call out fee for initial consultation?

Yes greater Dublin €90 further distances by arrangement in advance. Initial call out will enable a discussion of your requirements and an accurate fee proposal for the design work involved. 

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